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  • WebPay - Payment Gateway for Japanese Developers

    Integrating a payment gateway on your web serivces is a huge pain. Now we launched WebPay - 開発者向けクレジットカード決済プラットフォーム , a payment gateway for developers in JPY. We provide Ruby gem as well as easy-to-use Rest API. Currently, we support only JPY and focus on Japanese market.

  • Rackhub - Localhost on a Cloud. Pre-configured VPS

    All of us hate to configure servers, right? Like using paper cups, you can launch a cloud development server easily in just 10 seconds on Rackhub. Most of your needed software such as rvm for Ruby, pythonbrew for python, perlbrew for Perl, Erlang, Java, MySQL, MongoDB and much more are already installed and optimized for the environment at initialization. You can get root access and KVM full virtualization and start using it from just $6/month.

  • Fluxflex - GitHub integrated Cloud Hosting Platform

    Fluxflex was a cloud hosting platform which integrates GitHub to install varisou open source softwares with just one-click. The product focused on personal web application developers and users could start using the service from $1/month. This service was launched in July 2011, has thousands of users, but was shut down in June 30th 2012.


  • Jun 15, 2012: Kei's Guest Post on TechCrunch Japan

    Our CEO, Kei Kubo wrote a guest article in Japanese ( Rackhubに見るリーンスタートアップの実践手法 ) about the execution and the use case of Lean Startup on TechCrunch Japan. He explains in the article how Rackhub applies lean methodology such as cohort graphs and AARRR to validate actions taken by startups. He also explains how you can improve your service by analyzing data and numbers.

  • Oct 06, 2011: First fluxflex meetup with over 150 people!

    It was a great meeting with all of you who participate in our first fluxflex meetup in Tokyo. Over 150 people came, and we felt comfortable with the technical talks exchanged with our precious users. You can check all of your exciting photos at our flickr photo page.

  • Aug 17, 2011: Fluxflex appeared on TechCrunch was featured on TechCrunch in an article named ' Github-integrated fluxflex Aims At Making Cloud Hosting Easier And Cheaper ' as one of innovative hosting platforms. They say, 'A new provider called fluxflex aims at differentiating itself from Heroku, Google App Engine, DotCloud and others by being offering an extra-easy to use “one-click install” solution at relatively low cos.'

  • Oct 25, 2010: Fluxflex appeared on TechCrunch Japan

    Fluxflex is featured on TechCrunch Japan (Japanese) in this article as an auto-scaling cloud hosting platform as a service (PaaS) as its beta. The significant advantage of fluxflex is that users can scale up and down automatically whey their traffic goes up and down. Fluxflex just distribute limited invitation codes to TechCrunch Japan readers.


  • Kei Kubo, Founder CEO

    Ruby on Rails, Python, PHP, CSS, Javascript, HTML5

    Kei has over 6 years of experience in web industry. He developed a web based drag-and-drop authoring tool in 2007, which was acquired in 2008. He received Exploratory IT Human Resources Award from Japanese Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry. He graduated from Carleton College in Minnesota with a BA of Computer Science and a BA of Political Science.

  • Keisuke Sogawa, CTO

    Ruby, PHP, Objective-C, Java, C

    Keisuke has over 8 years of experience in web, mobile and social game industry. He developed one of the most famous Japanese social games named Kanji-Test which has 2.8 million users. Also he developed another casual game, Chokkoto Farm, which generated millions of Revenue. His speciality includes mobile apps, social games, API and web services as well as virtualization and server side engineering.